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15 February 2012

Simon Wilkinson Wins Regional Film & Video’s DK Meter Competition, the voice over division of Boomtown Studio in West London, is now the proud owner of a DK-Technologies Compact Audio Loudness Meter after the studio’s founder, Simon Wilkinson, won Regional Film and Video’s recent prize draw for this Award-winning product.

Since its launch at NAB 20122, DK-Technologies new DK Meter has received a fantastic response from the industry thanks to its unique and highly portable design and its exceptionally low price of just $1295.00 in the US and €995.00 in Europe. No bigger than a smart phone, the DK Meter comes in two versions – the stereo DK1 and the 5.1 surround sound DK2. Both versions are easy to use, easy to install and can be powered from a computer USB port, making them ideal for location recording. They accept digital audio inputs and are supplied with all known loudness measurement recommendations including ITU, EBU R128 and ATSC, as well as the standard DK-Technologies meter scales. Simon Wilkinson, who was presented with his new DK Meter at the BVE 2012 show by DK’s UK director Andy Page and Regional Film & Video’s Editor Laura Brown, says he is ‘absolutely delighted’ with his DK Meter and that his prize couldn’t have come at a better time. “I was in the market to buy a loudness meter and was researching what to buy when I saw the 4RFV competition,” he says. “DK-Technologies has a great reputation for quality and the new DK Meter looked perfect for our studio’s requirements. I entered the competition for fun and was really surprised when I heard I had won it. In fact, initially I didn’t believe it – when DK’s Andy Page called to tell me I nearly put the phone down because I thought it was just another annoying telesales call!” Founded in 1995, Boomtown Studio offers traditional audio recording services as well as a wide range of voice over services through its division. These include a wide range of voice over recording and editing, ADR, script proof-reading and editing, location recording, foreign language and podcast recording, remote session direction, ftp upload and download, sound to picture, music to picture, show reel creation, multiple file format conversion and, if required, short run CD/DVD replication all at some of the best rates in London. “Our approach is to offer customers a no frills service where the emphasis is on delivering a professional, broadcast quality product,” Wilkinson says.” Our studio in Chiswick has an acoustically treated recording booth and is equipped with a Pro Tools HD Accel3 system, a Digidesign Cǀ24 mix control surface and an excellent range of microphones. We also offer a vast range of plug-ins including Source-Connect Pro and Source-Live which enables our customers to hook up with sessions in other studios and broadcast live.”


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DK-Technologies develops and produces audio meters, video sync and test signal generators, as well as video waveform monitors and colour analysers both for LCD and CRT monitors. Alongside its worldwide distributor network, DKTechnologies also operates branch offices in Denmark, Germany, UK and USA.